What made you decide to do this?

I gained some touring experience long before I became an RN by doing photography and social media for various bands. I’ve maintained connections in the music industry and made new ones over the years. Since the pandemic began, many of my friends in art and music have reached out for guidance. This made me realize I was in a unique position to help people beyond the bedside as a nurse.

How long have you been doing this work?

I left my full-time position as an Infection Preventionist for the U.S. Government in August of 2020. Since then, I have worked as the Safety Officer on a feature film production and with a number of music industry clients performing COVID-19 testing and safety consulting. While I have worked in healthcare/public health for many years, the services I am offering in this capacity have been in development for about 12 months.

Why should we hire you instead of a larger company?

Since I am currently operating independently, I have nearly unlimited flexibility. I have experience in the music industry and understand the unpredictability of your work. Additionally, since I am an RN with a background in molecular physiology, I am able to competently collect specimens and run analyses on my own, saving you sample collection and lab fees. And most importantly: because I am first and foremost a public health worker, I believe services that improve health and safety should never be cost-prohibitive. For this reason, I will do my absolute best to work with all budgets and can easily compete with the cost of larger testing centers and consultancy firms.

TL;DR: I am qualified, competent, and my workflow is established. Music is my favorite thing in the world, and I refuse to let it become a casualty of this pandemic.